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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 25, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EST

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right, totally. that's what i wathinking. all kinds of vehicles, all kinds of savings. multi-policy discounts from progressive. call or click today. >> greta: newt gingrich is here, and seven state attorney generals are so angry at president obama they are taking him to court. you'll find out why from one of them. plus the pay at the pump. and president obama with an apology to hamid karzai. why is president obama apologizing. ambassador john bolton is here. but first, newt gingrich. mr. speaker i know from on the wires today and coming up in your campaign you are very
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distressed about the president's apology to president karzai having to do with the burning of occur ran in afghanistan. tell me how you think he should have handled this? >> there is one side continuing effort by president obama to appease whoever it is that seems to be unhappy. churches get burned in nigeria, there are no apologies. churches get burned in egypt, there are no apologies. fact it was one thing to have had the persons in the region and president karzai and we're working together. clearly it was not done deliberately, but what you 1 a situation where an afghan soldier, somebody we probably paid and probably armed kills two americans and wounds four
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others. i don't hear any apologies coming from the afghan government for the killing of americans by one of their soldiers. i frankly think one-sided process of apologizing for america has gone too far. commander in chief ought to stand up for his troops. i do not believe they were being deliberately sack religious. they were dealing with radical islamic materials and it was a sincere mistake. >> greta: and back it up further. why are we in the position in afghanistan of destroying those quran. do we have no other partners even the karzai government who could have done it, it was obviously going to create a problem for the united states to destroy a quran? >> as colonel west points out, what are is often a lot sloppy and more complicated when you are in the middle of it than
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when you are sitting thousands of miles away. i don't know who did it. i don't know why they did it. i don't know what the circumstances were. i agree with you, in certain kind of materials they involve languages other than english, it would be useful as a native as your partner. but this the way we ran the iraq campaign and this campaign. you have to have some kind of integration and those folks have to advise you what you are doing. you are in a foreign country that has a foreign culture and has other values and you don't necessarily understand it. >> greta: go ahead, i'm sorry. >> i was going say, i find it distressing what happened with several marines that did something stupid, their immediate response by the white house and obama administration to blame the americans, to highlight the americans. i'm not all sure it's valid.
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furthermore, i'm deeply offended on behalf of the families and american people that americans get killed by an afghan soldier, president obama doesn't seem to hold karzai responsible for that and no apology from karzai. we can't have a double standard where we are always the ones who be wrong and no matter what they do we never say anything. >> greta: does it show a deeper problem with how we are executing this war. fact that karzai is an opponent in this rather than serve a partner trying to get out of the problem. we've lost two soldiers, isn't that a bigger message? he is trying to help us out of an unfortunate incident? >> yes, it is an indication just as the pakistani hiding of bin
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laden in a military city for seven years is an indication. these are not allies of any sense we think of allies. let me also point out. these kind of sudden eruptions are often politically zblektd you remember when there was cartoons in a danish newspaper and all across the middle east, there was outrage cries and attacks and people apologized and backed off. the fact is those things were politically inspired. there are people in afghanistan who hate us and want to get us out of there. this is an excuse to go on a rampage. but we should be pretty offended this is used as an excuse to kill americans. we should be pushing karzai very hard. i am not prepared we have to tolerate allies that are totally
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unreliable. we have to reconsider what our options are and whether in fact this is a government that is reliable, just as we have a big problem in pakistan. when the pakistanis didn't find the people that hid bin laden. they arrested the person that helped us find us. that should be a bigger outrage but this administration is unwilling to confront our enemies in the middle east. >> greta: you use the word appease. that is a strong word. it's one historic reference going way back. do you stand by he is an appeaser? >> well, look at around the region. you if you were an american ally like mubarak, obama dumped you immediately. and if you are american enemy
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like mahmoud ahmadinejad she trying to work with you. talk about negotiation with the taliban. we have tolerant of the xeengs in circumstances where we should be pretty angry at them. i don't see any sign of this administration being very tough. yes, it's true. in very narrowly targeted ways they have killed a good number of terrorists but the region slipped away from the united states and steadily more difficult for the last three years. >> greta: would you admit the party in power has a complicated task, party out of power talking about foreign policy, it's always easier on the outside? >> i admit it's clearer on the outside but i would suggest ronald reagan described as having simple view that the right outcome of the cold war was we win and they lose.
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he was described in 1983 by the establishment as having clearly unacceptable view that the soviet empire was evil. in 1987 when he gave the speech and said mr. gorbachev tear down this wall. they tried to talk him out of saying it. it fell two years later. sometimes clear language can be right. i believe in the case, some of us have been saying for a very long time, this is a much harder problem than we have been willing to talk about. i said as early as december of 2003 when there was republican administration that we had gone off the cliff in iraq, that we were trying to do things that we couldn't accomplish and faced with enormous problems. >> to bring the issue back to the debt ceiling. last august there was budget act deal and we raised the debt ceiling to $16.4 trillion. it was expected that would take
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us through the year 2013. thousand the budget, now it appears the bipartisan policy center we could hit the ceiling before the end of the year. that is very grim report. how do we get out of this problem? >> well, if obama is president you probably don't. he will deliberately bide his time, wait until the last minute. he'll anouns nouns our choices is default or give in. what the republican house is start this week and start reforming government and increase american energy. we f we would go to all out program of drilling oil and gas, we would get down to 2.50 a gallon gas but we would also be in a position that it has been estimated we may get $16-18
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trillion out of royalties over the next generation. $16-18 trillion over a generation of royalties for gas and oil on federal land and offshore areas to federal government means if you sequestered that money and balance the budget, would you literally be pay off the en tire national debt. the idea that we are helpless and all we can do is go along with obama's credit card and bail him out once again is wrong. >> greta: hard for me to lay this out. president obama when the republicans are up to their eyeballs in budget act 2 on capitol hill. do you lay the blame for this situation we're in in terms of the budget act and where we are in collecting revenues and where we're going totally on the president or do you think the
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republicans on capitol hill share responsibility. >> i think the president has primary responsibility. i think the senate democrats are secondary responsibility and the house republicans have some responsibility is the least of the three. there is no question as early when they passed budget led by paul ryan, they have offered serious ideas. there is no question they have had john boehner pushed an energy plan that would dramatically increase revenues to the federal government. there is number of steps the house republicans can take. they get stopped by democrats in the house and senate and get zero leadership out of the president. they ought to say, look, here is how we avoid going on a debt ceiling. let's do the things we won't have a debt ceiling before 2013. new president can cooperate and make changes and you might well be at the peak of your debt ceilings if you are aggressive about other methods of solving
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the problem. >> greta: you've been quoted as saying, i know that you are in favor of constitutional ban on gay marriage. quote says, you are okay with state's legalizing gay marriage through popular vote. are both those statements correct and how do you reconcile them? >> what i said was. that the process where the legislature in washington state is putting it on the ballot, that is a better process than having a single judge decide that the people of california were wrong and overruling the referendum in california. or having the judges in iowa rewrite the constitution. so at least this is the right process. i would vote no on the referendum. i believe marriage is between add a man and woman and multily we may have to go to a federal amendment. my only point, washington state
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procedurally is doing the right thing where other places judges impose their will is implicitly a bad way. >> there are gay couples having families in relationships. in your mind they are any sort of rights and responsibilities that other couples have? >> i think there are specific legal agreements they can make but i don't think that is marriage. marriage historically is between a man and woman. it will be interesting to fall if it comes to a referendum whether it passes, consistently across the country, american people have been voting for marriage between a man and woman. >> greta: let's talk about the race. georgia poll came out and right now, you are burning up the numbers. you are way ahead in georgia. looks like if things change that will be a good primary for you. i'm interested in how you think you will do in arizona and
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michigan. >> i think that we will get some votes but clearly the two front-runners are going to be romney will be first and santorum second. i think santorum is discovering in michigan where he was ahead a week ago that when romney goes negative and he buys enough advertising he is very formidable. this should be a decent day for romney. we'll see. so far he has only gotten 50% twhuansd was 50.1 in nevada. >> then we come to washington state where i've been campaigning with very large crowds. we had 800 people in the tri-city area, over 600 people in spokane. standing room only, 450 people outside seattle today. then we had another 200 people
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standing outside. it was an amazing turnout. i was humbled by the turnout. we'll have one more event tomorrow. tomorrow at state convention in california, i will take president obama's energy speech and going to take it apart step by step. it was a remarkably false speech and illustrates the passion of his ideological commitment to a fantasy world. he said on the one hand, you can't drill your way to $2.50 gasoline. his idea for a solution was algae. it's interesting long range possible solution, next 30-50 years, the idea that a president of united states you can't drill but i've got a jar of algae will strike most people from a saturday night live skit. >> greta: thank you for joining
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us. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, seven states telling the obama administration we'll see you in court. what has them fired up. gregg abbot is here to tell you. new fuel for the campaign fire. find out on the record. plus riots break out, why? you won't believe what sparked the chaos. the chaos. yoeeeeeeeee! whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today.
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>> greta: tonight president obama has unhappy states over birth control and insurance coverage. seven states are taking obama to court. they are suing about the hhs contraception mandate. attorney general texas, michigan nebraska, oklahoma. they're calling it the compromise nothing but a shell game. attorney general abbott joins us. good evening. >> good evening, great to see you. >> greta: now to make it clear, this is different than the health care debate over the individual mandate that is in the supreme court. this is a different issue but tell me what it is and where
1:21 am
it's filed? >> this is a separate lawsuit, a new lawsuit and greta to put in context, we need to understand what nancy pelosi said two years ago. we need to pass obamacare to find out what is in it. that is exactly what americans have been finding out over the past two years ever since lawsuit was passed. new mandate issued by the obama administration that is violating the freedom of religion by religious institutions across the countries and causing a great divide especially in the catholic church. what the obama administration is now trying to do is force religious institutions into providing products contrary to the religious korngs conscience to catholic institutions around the country. these without tram blink in religious organizations but obama is failing and refusing to
1:22 am
do that. he is declaring war on religion here in the united states of america. >> greta: just to be clear, this rule came from hhs. is that right? when they wrote the rules for the health care bill about the contraception. none by hhs was elected by people. they elected congress to pass the healthcare bill and it outsourced to somebody else. that is my complaint. people that are doing this are not elected officials? >> is incredibly important point. going back in time, many of the democrats who voted for the obamacare bill that led to the regulation being issued, they voted it with the understanding this would not infringe upon religious organizations and religious organizations would be exempted but learning now that the promise that obama and nancy pelosi provided to them that religious organizations would
1:23 am
not be trampled on, it's been violated. >> greta: i never liked the idea that non-elected officials make such sweeping decisions. there are seven states that have filed in your case, part your case. where are the other 19 or so that were part of the health care mandate. are they going to be joining with you, do you think? >> right. you may recall when we filed the original obamacare lawsuit, it begin with 13 states and then grew to 26 states. here we've started with 7 states. this is something that was put together in a quick fashion after the mandate and after obama promised said he would correct the mandate which he never did. we put it real quick with the leadership of the great attorney general from nebraska. we put together 7 states, just like with the original obamacare lawsuit, we expect the number of
1:24 am
states to grow. >> greta: to go back to the health care, i assume that there will be a decision by the end of the supreme court term which would be the end of june. so we'll know whether the individual mandate is unconstitutional or not. and we should have a segment about the clause that is not and could have profound impact. by june should we know on the mandate? >> we will. that does relate to the lawsuit. the oral arguments in the obamacare will be in march and decision will come out in june. if obamacare is stricken down, it will moot this new lawsuit that we filed. if, however, the individual mandate of the obamacare lawsuit is severed out from the remainder and remainder of obamacare is wlood allowed to progress on, we can press on with this lawsuit.
1:25 am
>> greta: there is a clause written into a law so it can happen. a part can be carved out and declared unconstitutional, that is not in this. but one of the most fascinating, congress deliberately didn't put that clause. we'll see. i'm taking the last word on that one. coming up, not good news, gas prices are going to go higher as we march toward the summer. but you can feel the pain at the pump. republicans and democrats using gas prices as a weapon to get your vote? that is next. and ambassador john bolton, how serious does he think is the serious does he think is the crisis of the burning of quran
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>> greta: gas prices is skyrocketing. bad news is that examines expected to get worse. some are accusing g.o.p. candidates are trying to cash in on the prices. citizens don't like high prices and national average is hitting 3.65 a gallon. in several states it's passing the $4 park. the candidates are placing the blame on president obama. >> he will continue to hold
1:30 am
natural gas and oil and we won't get the oil from canada. if i'm president i will get oil from canada. >> obama is anti-american energy. his secretary of energy and to have a strange to have secretary of energy that is anti-energy, said a couple years ago, to make gasoline as expensive in the u.s. as it is in europe. that is about $9-10 a gallon. >> shutting down all sorts of opportunities for us to drill for oil. why? because it could lead to lower energy prices. that is the danger. it doesn't fit his pattern of trying to drag down consumption. trying to drive up your costs and transportation to accomplish
1:31 am
political goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. >> and rnc releasing a new video about high gas prices but also providing the soundtrack. ♪ ♪ >> greta: its dangerous world. >> that is what you get when you sing the blues and gas prices approaching $4, 4.50 around the country. i think its fair game. >> greta: it's dangerous to say anything in politics because it's going to come back and haunt you. >> this president says in grand fashion. energy is important. number two, the president is the one in grand pageantry and came
1:32 am
in five different advertisements in 2008. saying he was going to be the guy to do all the above energy strategy. what has he done? nothing. he admitted he has a hodgepodge strategy. he has stopped onshore production and basically stopped offshore production and stopped our ability to get oil and gas from canada through the keystone pipeline. so when you move forward three years and do nothing to get to us a place where we can achieve some better place of energy independence. that is making things a lot worse. >> greta: he was in miami this week. he said america's producing more oil than today than any time in the last eight years. first time in 30 years the u.s. is exporting more petroleum products. i thought that is unbelievable.
1:33 am
then petroleum institute says oil production is up but it's leasing decisions made before, long before the obama administration came in. >> of course. this is the point of this en tire energy issue as it relates to obama now. the reason why barack obama is putting this country in a worse place in regard to energy he is not doing anything because it takes time. when you take an action today in regard to this energy policy, whether onshore, offshore drilling, keystone, it takes many years for the actual results and benefits of those decisions to hit the american people. today the results of more energy production is a consequence of the decisions made by george w. bush but barack obama stopped all the positive production decisions that were being made
1:34 am
when he came into office and stopped all of this energy exploration. >> greta: i assume that you don't assign the increase for what is going on in iran. tensions are said to have an impact on gasoline prices now. it's something beyond his control. there are some things beyond his control? >> there are always some things beyond the control of the president. we can have an honest conversation about it. the point here, like a lot of chapters in the barack obama book, here is a guy who says a lot of things how he is going to operate moving ahead. one of the thing he said, unlike george w. bush, he was going to get our country to get us energy independence and make the decisions then to get us in a better place today and he hasn't done it. >> greta: i think he was hoping,
1:35 am
solar energy, i think that bet wrong on solyndra. >> betting on solyndra and car companies that are in nor way and finland and public go green energy and hasn't gotten gas prices down. the electric car he was talking about. fact of the matter we're in worse place in regard to gas prices because of the inaction of barack obama and because of the decisions he is making in regard to offshore, onshore production and the keystone energy pipeline. he is making things worse by doing nothing. >> greta: if you aring on greta, a young lad that did well. >> our little guy jack did great. we were hoping to win it all.
1:36 am
tiger cubs, he is a little guy and he went home real happy. >> greta: thank you. >> coming up. president obama's apology didn't come and ambassador john bolton is next. we'll show you unbelievable police sting operation, that is coming up. the employee of the month isss...
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1:41 am
toward economic sustainability. oscar organizers saying they will allow sasha baron cohen's alter ego to attend the show, this, just days after saying it was inappropriate to use the red carpet for a promotional stunt. admiral general of the dictator, is welcome to attend now. cohen, reacting by tweeting "victory is ours." now back to "on the record." th. >> greta: it's directed to the united states and two american troops were killed. four days of riots and military base burned coaches of the quran after finding messages being exchanged.
1:42 am
obama has delivered an apology to president karzai. john bolton joins us. the letter the president wrote, people are questioning the wisdom but it hasn't even worked. >> you apologize when you have done something wrong and you want to make amends for it. as far as i can tell these qurans were burned in accordance what people thought was to dispose a quran. there wasn't an argument prisoners communicated with each other by writing in it. if you do it with the right intent but it doesn't work out the last thing you want to look so weak to admit that you have done something wrong. >> greta: president karzai is supposed to be our partner. he is using this against us.
1:43 am
he could have put a lid on it or his contingency could have burned them. it's going to cause trouble. >> after ten years of holding prisoners in afghanistan, there surely must have been some field manual that explains how you dispose of desecrated holy materials, whether jewish or muslim or behind due or anything else. >> greta: we got rid of osama bin laden's body. >> the odds that our soldiers try to do the right thing. but when we don't stick up for them, it's hard to go to karzai and say you stick up for them. he was so inintimidated by this and worried about the negotiations that we forced him in to he couldn't care less
1:44 am
about this. >> greta: is the taliban coming back? >> of course, they are. it's based on arbitrary time tables. president wasn't wants to be able to say i'm bringing the troops home. it goes along with the rest of it. when you make decisions based on domestic political calculations and let's be clear, that is what it is, you are inviting strategic catastrophe abroad and taliban understand that. >> greta: when i was in afghanistan with secretary hillary clinton, i'm certain she said the united states would not abandon the women. the taliban demean women and it's horrible for them. >> get ready because it's going back to the time when women couldn't go to school. women couldn't even go out of the house under very strict sharia law. that is the future, not just in afghanistan but risks being the
1:45 am
future in pakistan where pakistani taliban and other radicals are strong. if they get control, they have an arsenal of nuclear weapons. >> greta: are we going to have more days of riots? >> i think they will calm down. what the taliban has seen is another indication of american weakness, one we're apologizing for something -- we didn't burn quran to humiliate or degrade it. we did it because we thought that is was the right thing to do. even if it was wrong, that is not an excuse for killing american troops and rioting in the streets. >> greta: one quick question. there is a report they are farther ahead of nuclear weapon than we thought in iran? >> what a surprise, another brick in the wall. anybody that thinks sanctions is going to be effective is not seeing the same reality that the
1:46 am
regime in tehran is seeing. >> greta: do you believe they are going to get nuclear weapons or is there going to be an action that prevents them? >> the israelis are the only power that is prepared to do anything. the united states under obama certainly not. israelis are under enormous pressure from the administration not to strike. if i were betting, iran gets nuclear weapons but i wouldn't count israelis out at this point. >> greta: you think a republican president would take a different -- >> i would go further, i don't think most candidates are prepared to articulate. let's be clear. it's a worldwide problem and we are not stopping it now. >> greta: ambassador, thank you. now to another crisis, violence exploding in syria. syrian government is turning weapons on its own population,
1:47 am
literally slaughtering people and westerners, too. government troops pounded rebel held areas. how many did they murder today? more than a hundred. it has spiraled out of control and effort to stop the violence, a group of representatives from 60 nations including hillary clinton are meeting in tunisia. they are demanding to stop the killing of their own people. here is secretary clinton's message. >> assad can make the choice to end the violence and spare his country in descending further into ruin, but if he continues to reject that choice, we and syrian people will keep pressure on him until his deadly regime collapses because it will. i'm absolutely confident of that. >> greta: also tonight the red cross evacuating people from one neighborhood under siege.
1:48 am
it's the same city where a rocket attack killed a correspondent and french photographer. he was on assignment and fox news channel will air a special tribute to marie colvin. war stories, it will air at 3:00 p.m. eastern. >> straight ahead, a sting operation but you will never believe who they caught and what he was doing. we have the surveillance video. you'll see it. what is it about that leads to chaos? you'll see what happens next. "why did i roll over my i.r.a. to scottrade?" "for starters, it didn't cost me anything." "and i got a one-hundred dollar cash bonus for rolling over by april 16th." "i like bonuses." "plus at scottrade, there are thousands of commission-free investments." "and if i need help, i can find it online, by phone or at one of over five-hundred scottrade locations."
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. a houston police officer, caught red-handed. seems he was stealing the co-worker's food from the refrigerator. so they put up a sting operation and they caught one of their own on surveillance tape. he is charged with misdemeanor theft. he says he was just trying to keep the refrigerator clean. >> and nike new sneakers, people lined up to get the new shoes. what happened?
1:53 am
riots broke out. thousands spent all night outside the florida mall. they got unruly and police in riot gear were called to the scene. in maryland and new york there were riots. what was the fugs s about. they have an outerspace look, purple and blue a staggering $220. >> and elephant comes to rescue. scene in south african national park was caught on camera. the baby got stuck in a water hole. the baby couldn't get out. the mother had a plan. she went in after the little one and took a little while but pushed the baby out of the water hole. mother and baby are safe and dry. there you have it, the best of the rest. >> before we turn down the lights. >> did you see pearl jam has a new song about jeremy lin, sort
1:54 am
of. that is next. ♪ ♪
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thithis was the gulf's best otourism season in years. all because so many people wanted to visit us... in louisiana. they came to see us in florida... nice try, they came to hang out with us in alabama... once folks heard mississippi had the welcome sign out, they couldn't wait to get here. this year wagreat but next year's a be even better. and anyone who knows the gulf knows that winter is primetime fun time. the sun's out and the water's beautiful. you can go deep sea fishing for amberjack, grouper and mackerel. our golf courses are open. our bed and breakfast have special rates. and migrating waterfowl from all over make this a bird watcher's paradise. so if you missed it earlier this year, come on down. if you've already been here come on back... to mississippi.. florida... louisiana... alabama. the gulf's america's get-a-way spot no matter where you go.
1:58 am
so come on down and help make 2012 an even better year for tourism on the gulf. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights it's time for last call. lin-sanity hits the music world. there is a hit called "jeremy" but it's all about jeremy lin. and the band lead singer is, well, jimmy fallon. ♪ clearly i remember digging on the bay ♪. ♪ [ music ] ♪.
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. we'll see you monday night. senator john mccain will be here. and the state of arizona will be just away from the prime yairy. now, make sure you go to greta


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